Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Adelaide's Offshore Higher Education Experiment Continues

University College London (UCL) may be closing down its Adelaide campus, but two other universities remain in the same building in Adelaide: Torrens University Australia and Carnegie Mellon University Australia.

Torrens may well prove to be the success story of the three in Adelaide, as it uses a different business model to a typical Australian university. Torrens is part of Laureate International Universities, which provides education on-line to 800,000 students.

Torrens presents a challenge to Australian universities as it can teach students using its world wide on-line resources. This could serve as a useful wake-up call for Australian institutions to learn to compete, before offshore educational institutions take away their market. At the moment I am a student of a North American on-line master of education, to learn how to design such on-line programs for Australia.

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