Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why Students Choose Expensive Commercial Courses

in "Understanding For-Profit College and Community College Choice" Iloh and Tierney (2014) have investigated why US students choose courses at for-profit private colleges, over lower cost government run community colleges. This is relevant to the current Australian situation, with students choosing commercial RTOs, over lower cost government TAFE courses.

Iloh and Tierney (2014) surveyed 75 for-profit college students and 62 at community college (state run). They found that students would like to attend community college, but found obtaining enrollment information difficult and the prerequisites required daunting. Also there was a perception that community college would take longer and students felt that a for-profit college would provide better hands-on training and result in better job prospects. Students found for-profit college closer, with more flexible class schedules.

These are factors which Australian TAFEs might want to take into account when designing and promoting programs.


Iloh, C., & Tierney, W. G. (2014). Understanding For-Profit College and Community College Choice Through Rational Choice. Teachers College Record, 116, 080304.

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