Saturday, January 7, 2017

EU Digital Competencies for Teachers Project

The EU funded Digital Competencies for Teachers Project (DIGICOMP) has provided a Moodle based e-Learning Portal for teacher training. There is a leaflet explaining the project and a sixteen page Methodology for Preparation of Materials.

I signed up to try the e-learning.  DIGICOMP uses the Moodle lesson. The student is presented with a small amount of text and then a quiz, in the style of many self paced on-line courses. I started by selecting "Information", but got stuck on the first quiz. This asked me to pick which were browsers from a list. I selected Firefox, Opera and Safari. I clicked "continue" was told these answers were correct but was then presented with the same quiz again.

Apparently I had not selected all the browsers. However, the other choices were Google, Facebook, and iPhone 6, none of which are browsers. The Google browser is called "Chrome", Facebook is a social media platform and iPhone 6 is a smart phone.

Even if my answers are not correct, there should be a way to proceed past the quiz without having to make all nine attempts.

After nine attempts I was able to move on to the second part of the lesson entitled "Browse (Google) Like Ninja!". There is no good reason to mention Google so prominently in a course (unless the project is being funded by the company). Also there is no need to use jargon like "Ninja". Perhaps these are early days for the project and this is just a Alpha version of the course.

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