Monday, January 2, 2017

Some Recent Open Access Papers on Higher Education

The Directory of Open Access Journals indexes thousands of scholarly journals for which the papers are freely available. This is useful if you are looking for readings for a course and you want students to be easily able to obtain them. Not only can the students access the papers without having to worry about paying a fee, but they also tend to be in formats which are easier to read.

A search for papers on Higher Education returned 3,706, of which here are a few recent ones which look interesting:

Exploring University Teacher Perceptions About Out-of-Class Teamwork
Elizabeth Ruiz-Esparza Barajas, Cecilia Araceli Medrano Vela, Jesús Helbert Karim Zepeda Huerta
Profile Issues in Teachers' Professional Development. 2016;18(2):29-45
Abstract | Full Text
The development of professional competences using the interdisciplinary project approach with university students
Mònica González-Carrasco, Jesús Francés Ortega, Rodolfo de Castro Vila, Margarida Castañer Vivas, Joan San Molina, Joan Marti Bonmati
Journal of Technology and Science Education. 2016;6(2):121-134 DOI 10.3926/jotse.196
Abstract | Full Text

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