Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Website for Finding Australian Postgraduate Courses

Richard McKeon, Director at Postgrad Australia
Richard McKeon,
Postgrad Australia
The company Postgrad Australia has launched a new website for students looking for postgraduate programs. As an example, the site lists 18 Graduate Certificates in Higher Education. I was able to sort the list by fee or by satisfaction. 

The most expensive certificate ($23,904) rated highest for student satisfaction, which is reassuring. But the lowest priced course ($3,980) did not rate far behind for satisfaction. At one sixth the price, this suggests value for money. This also applied to Masters of Education, with the cheapest being rated almost as highly by students as the most expensive. Perhaps the website could include a "value for money" rating for programs, which would be a ratio of fee to satisfaction.

One problem with the site is that there is no option to search by method of course delivery. Like many graduate students, I want to be able to study on-line in my own time. So I want to limit searches, at least initially, to on-line programs. This would also be of use to international students, who don't want the bother and expense of having to visit Australia.

Of course the other limitation with Postgrad Australia is that it only includes Australian based institutions. Students can study on-line anywhere in the world. I studied in Canada while on the other side of the world in Canberra.


  1. Hi Tom,

    Richard here. Thanks very much for the feedback, we'll certainly take it on board!

    Regarding selecting online courses only, you can actually do it now by selecting 'online' from the Region field: https://postgradaustralia.com.au/courses/region/online-15296

    We'll make it easier to search for online courses in future releases, as well as many more features to help prospective students!


    1. Richard, thanks I tried your tip of selecting 'online' from the Region field and it worked well. As an example, I was able to find six Graduate Certificates in Higher Education and find the lowest cost one: https://postgradaustralia.com.au/courses/study-field/education/degree-type/graduate-certificate/region/online-15296/study-field/higher-education?search_api_views_fulltext=&sort_by=field_tuition_fees_sort

      Also I noticed you are using a "responsive" web design. On a large screen (desktop) display, the filters are listed in a column beside the results. But on a small screen, such as a smartphone, without room for two columns, the filters move to the top.