Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Being a Mature Age University Student: 2011 to 2017

Tom Worthington in academic regalia with his Master of Education in Distance Education, awarded by Athabasca University (Canada), 18 January 2017
Recently I was asked about studying as a mature age student. What inspired me was that as someone teaching at a university in 2011 I was required to undertake a short free course in how to teach. After that I enrolled in the six month follow-on certificate. I ended up completing half at my campus in a classroom and half on-line through another institution.  Seeing the benefits of learning to teach (it made teaching much easier and less stressful) and because of my interest in distance education, I enrolled in Athabasca University's on-line Masters of Education in Distance Education in 2013 and completed in late 2017.  I documented the experience, starting on day 1 in 2011, up to 2017:

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