Tuesday, April 3, 2018

E-learning Missing from CSIRO's List of Sunrise Industries

Horton, Devaraj, McLaughlin, Pham, Naughtin and Hajkowicz (2018) have identified seven "Sunrise Industries" in ASEAN and neighboring countries. Curiously this report, from CSIRO and Data 61, does not identify education as a sunrise industry, despite it being Australia's third largest export. There is strong growth in demand from the region for quality education. In a report released around the same time as CSIRO's, the AI Group (p. 5, 2018) point out that digital transformation of the economy will require new skills of the workforce, changes
to education systems.

The industries identified are:
  1. AI and automated systems
  2. Financial and regulatory services technology
  3. High value nutrition
  4. Next generation energy storage and distribution
  5. Cyber-physical systems security
  6. Personal health and ageing
  7. Digital infrastructure and connectivity


Ai Group (2018). Developing the Workforce for a Digital Future: Addressing critical issues and planning for action, Australian Industry Group. URL https://cdn.aigroup.com.au/Reports/2018/Developing_the_workforce_for_a_digital_future.pdf

Horton J, Devaraj D, McLaughlin J, Pham H, Naughtin C and Hajkowicz S (2018). Sunrise Industries: A snapshot of seven emerging industries in the formative stages of growth within ASEAN and neighbouring nations. CSIRO, Brisbane. URL http://www.data61.csiro.au/~/media/D61/Files/SunriseIndustriesReport.pdf

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