Thursday, March 28, 2019

Educational Designers and Technologists Needed at ANU

New ANU Marie Reay
Teaching Centre
The Australian National University in Canberra is looking for Senior Educational Designers, Educational Designers, and Educational Technologists . They will be working with Dr Kim Blackmore, on the Interactive Learning Project.
"The Interactive Learning Project (iLEAP) aims to leverage the social dynamics of learning by creating more high quality interactive learning experiences for students across the university. iLEAP will work closely with course conveners, teaching teams, and students to creatively redesign large enrolment courses for interactive learning at scale.

Course redevelopment project teams will provide intensive support to course conveners to develop new teaching and learning materials for courses, create operational plans and technology support for managing large cohorts, and upskill the new teaching practices.

We are looking for collaborative, motivated and innovative thinkers to work with teaching staff and students across Colleges to enhance teaching effectiveness and increase student engagement by:
  • Supporting the use of a broad range of high quality interactive learning activities designed specifically for the course content;
  • Providing intensive support to teaching academics, especially in large courses with over 100 students, to redesign courses and course delivery with a focus on enhancing student engagement;
  • Promoting student-centred learning and leveraging digital technologies.
From: Educational Technologist, Job no: 529231, ANU , 2019

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