Wednesday, December 18, 2019

ANU Micro-credentials Procedure

Selvaratnam and Sankey (2019) concluded that the low-hanging fruit for Micro-credentialing in Australian higher education are short courses and postgraduate programs. That is the approach adopted by the Australian National University (ANU) in its a Micro-credentials Procedure (5 October 2019). This allows the creation of credentials based on short courses, for lifelong learning. These are not Certificates, or Degrees, but are assessed and can provide credit towards ANU post-graduate qualification.

Unlike some micro-credentials, the ANU ones involve an actual course, you can't just fill in a form, do a test and get your credential. Also ANU micro-credentials require in-person face-to-face contact (online synchronous mode may be used in limited circumstances). As with vocational education, assessment is pass/fail (no credit, distinction ...).


Selvaratnam, R., & Sankey, M. (2019, 15 November). Micro-credentialing as a sustainable way forward for universities in Australia: Perceptions of the landscape. White paper for ACODE 80, Wellington, New Zealand. URL

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