Thursday, January 16, 2020

Principles of Tutoring and Demonstrating

In looking for materials to teach computer science and engineering tutors at ANU, I have access to the ten "Principles of Tutoring and Demonstrating" (PTD) modules. I looked at cutting it down to something one tenth the size, suitable for two days. That would have the advantage of consistency with the longer course, which some might then take. However, it was not feasible, but the same major topics could be used (these are much the same as other institution's tutor/TS introductions). One feature worth retaining is that PTD uses the same Moodle based system as the tutors will need to use for part of their role.

Using a conventional online or blended learning layout, this would be something like:

  • Announcements forum
  • Contact your instructor
  • Notes
  1. Preparing for the first class 
  2. How students learn 
  3. Plan a lesson 
  4. Students learning together 
  5. Supporting international students 
  6. Designing Assessment

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