Friday, April 29, 2022

What can universites do to enable computing to help the nation?

The host was worried no one here at the 50 years of computing at ANU dinner,would ask the keynote speaker, David Thodey AO a question. So I was just asked to be ready with one. 

I was going to ask a follow-on to Sally-Ann Williams speech: "What can universities do to enable computing to help the nation?". But David anticipated the question in his speech. So I only need to ask how do we enable that better society?

This again, got harder, when he anticipated that question, listed what we should do: stick to the fundamentals, push boundaries, be bolder, keep doing pure and applied R&D, build partnerships with government and industry, collaborate better.

Fortunately there were plenty of questions. Q: What to ask the next PM? Answer: create common vision for the nation. Q: How does expert advice cut through? A: Present the truth and leave without opinion

David mentioned the power of  technology in everyday life. I was confronted by this today when the robot cleaning the floor in Woolworth's talked to me.

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