Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Revolution Will Not be Streamed

Just received an invitation for delegates to attend leadership masterclasses at the 2022 Universities Australia Conference. Only two problems with this: 1. I haven't registered for the conference, and 2. the masterclasses are only in person, at the conference venue. It is a troubling if these workshops are, as claimed, an "... opportunity to gain an insight into how our sector’s top decision-makers approach the challenges of running a university". In that case, our universities are in trouble, run by poor administrators, and poor educators. 

We need universities which are familiar with the needs of their students, and offer education where the student is, not forcing them to turn up to a campus. Leadership amid change requires doing things differently. Influencing for impact requires using new ways of communicating. Building resilient cultures requires genuine communication. Our top university decision makers need these skills, if they want to stay in business. The way to learn is to do, not sit and listen.

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