Friday, December 26, 2014

Demonstrating the Value of Education

Geoff Irvine writes in "The Walking Dead in Higher Ed" (Inside Higher Ed, December 19, 201) that universities  "are struggling to meaningfully demonstrate the true value of their institution for students, educators and the greater community because they can't really prove that students are learning". The suggested solutions are to "Disrupt" by demanding short term change, "Get Expertise" to help with staff development outcomes/competency-based assessment. While I would benefit personally from such a move (having sent the last few years skilling myself to provide e-learning advice to universities), I urge caution: any attempt at a quick fix may risk an institution's reputation.

Irvine also suggests to "Rally the Movers and Shakers", by this he means the "innovators and the early adopters" I suggest this would be a better approach than being in outside consultants: have those already on the campus who can demonstrate how the new techniques they use produce results.

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