Monday, May 11, 2015


Staff and students at University of Canberra are seeking crowd funding for "EntrepreneurshipUC". However, what is not clear is how this fits with the initiatives already underway in Canberra through the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN), which the University of Canberra is a member of, along with the Australian National University.
"Entrepreneurship is essential in today’s world – it contributes to the growth of economies, improving living standards, fruition of ideas and continued development. EntrepreneurshipUC (EUC) aims to create an environment in which thoughts are encouraged, potential is understood and confidence is gained, creating a support network which can be accessed and utilised and like minded people can come together.
Many university students don’t know where to look for assistance in entrepreneurship, or even recognise that their passion or idea can be more. EUC will fill this gap and provide a space at the University of Canberra in which students can approach for assistance. Not only will we provide assistance but also a place to learn through mentoring and workshops run by industry professionals.
An obstacle we are aware of is the difficulty associated with finding relevant mentors and industry professionals, this will be resolved through direct advertising, sponsorships and events with the community.

why you should support this project?

EntrepreneurshipUC is aiming to promote,develop and motivate entrepreneurialism concerning students within Canberra. By supporting this project you will be providing Students of Canberra with an opportunity to develop their ideas and make them into a reality. This project will be aiming to bring out new and innovative ideas whether they be for profit or social ventures. This will not only change the lives of those who we help but also those who are the markets for these potential entrepreneurs.

how will money be used?

The money received will go towards our direct advertising, buying a domain for the project and also acquiring any resources which we may require to set up the project. Any unused funds will be alloacted to holding our find workshop with an industry professional.

where will the project go in the future?

EntrepreneurshipUC has the opportunity to become and influential participant in Entrepreneurship in Canberra. Our vision is that we will have a set space which we can use to provide services and incubate projects/ventures.
As the project aims to assist and guide potential entrepreneurs the project itself has no limits and on its success as it is based on the participation of potential and up and coming entrepreneurs."

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