Monday, June 27, 2016

Australian Cyber Security Courses

The Australian Government has committed $3.5M over four years for an Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence program. Already there are a number of cyber security programs offered by Australian universities. But before looking at courses, how do these fit with professional requirements?

Cyber Security Skills

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is used by the Australian Computer Society to identify the skills IT professionals should have and to accredit suitable university courses. SFIA Version 6 has security related skills definitions:
  • Information security SCTY
  • Information assurance INAS
  • Security administration SCAD
  • Penetration testing PENT
  • Incident management USUP 
There is also the ISACA Model Curriculum for Information Security and EC Council Security Certification .

Australian Cyber Security Programs

Edith Cowan University offer a ECU Master of Cyber Security. This includes units general computer units, plus security related ones, including: Computer Security, Network Security Fundamentals, Wireless Security, Introductory Computer Forensics, Information Security, and most interestingly, Ethical Hacking and Defence. There is also a ECU Graduate Diploma of Cyber Security, and ECU Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security, Bachelor of Science (Cyber Security).

Swinburne University offer a cybersecurity major in Computer Science and Engineering bachelor degrees, with courses in eForensic Fundamentals, Information Systems Risk and Security, IT Security and Network Security & Resilience. There is also a cybersecurity Master of Information and Communication Technologies (Research). Some of the programs include work placements.

UNSW Canberra, at the Defence Force Academy, is offering a new Master's Degree in Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy, as well as a Master of Cyber Security and Master of Cyber Security Operations. UNSW Canberra also offers an extensive range of security courses including: Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security, Cyber Adversary Tradecraft, Intrusion Analysis and Response, Cyber Security Boot Camp, Introduction to Pen Testing, Executive Security Awareness, Computer Network Operation / Network Security Operations, Wireless Security, Reverse Engineering of Malware

Murdoch University offers a Cyber Forensics and Information SecurityBachelor of Science.

Macquarie University offers a Bachelor of Security Studies, and a Master of Information Technology with a specialisation in Internetworking and Cyber Security.
The University of Canberra offers a Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law and Policy, with courses in Cybercrime Investigations, Cyber Security Law, Digital Evidence and Intelligence Management.

The Australian National University offers courses in Cyber-security and Cybercrime, Cyber Warfare Law and Statecraft and national security in cyberspace.

University of South Australia offers a Master of Science (Cyber Security and Forensic Computing).

University of Woolongong offer a BSc with a Major in Cyber Security, with course in System Security, Corporate Network Security, Cryptography and Secure Applications and Ethical Hacking.

Deakin University offer a Bachelor of Cyber Security.

Sub-degree Programs

Box Hill Institute offer a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Specialising in Cyber Security).

Victoria Polytechnic offer an Advanced Diploma of Network Security (ICT60215).

One point to note is that vocational programs are standardized across Australia, so the same cyber security qualifications offered by Box Hill and Victoria Polytechnic could be offered by other TAFEs and by private Registered Training Organizations. These qualifications could also be offered by training units within government agencies and companies, for their own staff. In contrast, the content of university degrees are not standardized in Australia, so degrees at the same level with similar "cyber security" titles, could have very different content.

Open, Online and "Free" Courses

In addition to programs and courses offered directly, Australian universities offer education on cyber security though Open Universities Australia. These include Macquarie University Bachelor of Security Studies, and the Australian Computer Society formation Security Course.
Charles Stury University (CSU) offer a free Network Security Administrator Certification short course to help prepare for certification as an EC-Council Network Security Administrator (ENSA)

At the introductory level the Open University run a MOOC on "Introduction to Cyber Security". Also there is a more traditional on-line course "An introduction to information security".

ps: Having a background in defence, my teaching occasionally touches on cyber security. Last semester I was teaching IT ethics using a hypothetical about Cyberwarfare Over the South China Sea.

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