Sunday, November 27, 2016

Early Literacy Development

While I teach computing in higher education, my brother, Dr John Worthington, is a Educational Psychologist, based in Brisbane, looking at Early Literacy in Australia and the region. He recently presented at MindChamps 2016, in Singapore on "Early Literacy Development".

Aims of this Discussion

  1. To give information about the typical progress of early literacy development, in a sense what is ‘normal’, and what you can do to help your child. 
  2. Understanding ‘typical’ development and the home activities which go along with it is the first step in ensuring your child’s long term literacy future. 
  3. To detail how parents and teachers perceived individual children as they progressed through early literacy and when these two perceptions may differ. 
  4. To touch on features which may predict a child could have difficulties in gaining early literacy. 

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