Monday, April 8, 2019

Google Sees More Training for Workers in 2040

Alphabeta's report "FUTURE SKILLS" (November 2018), for Google, suggests the average Australian of 2040 will spend three hours a week training, and increase of one third on today. The report suggests that much of this will be upskilling and reskilling by older workers. The authors suggest skills will complement artificial intelligence, with the human workers contributing adaptability, team work, creativity, and integrity. Also they suggest this training will be on-the job, and short flexible courses, not at TAFE or university.

This is a future which, in 2019, I am already living. To retain my certified computer professional status (and limited legal liability), I am required to undertake thirty hours of professional development a year. However, over the last ten years I have also completed formal studies, which would bring the total up to about three hours a week.

While I am one of those older workers Google refers to, I suggest that younger workers will also need constant training. In the last ten years I have been retrained from a generalist computer professional, to an educator of computer professionals.

As the report suggests I train computer professionals in adaptability, team work, creativity, and integrity. I was trained on the job by the Australian Public Service in computing. However, I now design formal vocational and university courses, and learning modules, which can complement on the job training.

With improvements in online education tools and techniques, it is possible to provide a formal accredited tertiary education, made up of small flexible modules, incorporating workplace experience. This doesn't have to be a workplace versus campus, short versus long, vocational versus university choice: students can now have it all.

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