Friday, May 29, 2020

Correctly Predicted in 2017 Students Online by 2020

At the moment I am talking part in the weekly ASCILITE Mobile Learning SIG (ML-SIG). There was a discussion of predictions as to what will happen with education. This reminded me that in 2017, I predicted "80% of university education to be delivered on-line by 2020". That has happened but not in the planned methodical way I had hoped.
“There is a revolution taking place in the way university students learn and I expect university degrees to be 80 per cent online by the end of the decade. This has spurred my interest in online learning, which can provide a quality education with fewer environmental impacts.”  From People: Tom Worthington, ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
But my other prediction for 2020: Canberra the world capital, did not happen. ;-)

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