Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Four OECD Scenarios for Schooling

Back to the Future of Education, OECD, September 2020
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)  released "Back to the Future of Education: Four OECD Scenarios for Schooling" in September 2020. While addressing primary and secondary schools, similar possibilities exist for vocational and university education.

The four OECD scenarios are:

  1. Schooling extended: an intensification of the current front-end, massive schooling model
  2. Education outsourced: an outsourcing of schooling and resulting surge of learning markets
  3. Schools as learning hubs: a re-purposing of schooling and transformation of schools
  4. Learn-as-you-go: the end of school-based learning and demise of schooling.
We are likely to see a little of all of these and a lot of some. Campuses and education serve many different purposes for the students, their parents and the community. I suggest that school campuses will remain much as they are for younger students, while those for older students will become more like learning hubs. An example of the latter is Gungarlin's public library, which incorporates a vocational education center, school library, community meeting rooms and classrooms. Curriculum materials may be provided online, while classrooms and teachers remain.

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