Thursday, March 31, 2022

ANU 75th Anniversary Event

ANU 75th
Greetings from the Arboretum in Canberra, where the ANU VC is speaking at the 75th anniversary of the university. As the VC said, a university is not the buildings, it is the people. The VC mentioned the many experts from ANU, and alumni, who made important contributions to the fight against COVID-19.

Ally Howe on Jazz violin

The VC was followed by Ally Howe on Jazz violin, playing what sounded to me like an upbeat interpretation of Ashokan Farewell.

It has been an odd week, which says something about the role of a national university, in difficult times. While other universities may have some academics speaking abstractly about war in Europe and our region, ANU had eight ambassadors from Europe who are on the front line of the conflict in the Ukraine, the Ukrainian ambassador who just arrived from the conflict, the Japanese ambassador talking on the effect in our region, and the head of GCHQ.

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