Friday, June 3, 2022

ASCILITE Mobile Learning SIG 2022

MLSIG presentation at ASCILITE 2021

Greetings from the weekly ASCILITE Mobile Learning SIG meeting. Last week we had an introductory session for new members, and to my surprise this has been recorded, archived, and formally referenced* as a scholarly work.

Upcoming webinars are:

  1. June 24, Dr David Sinfield, Where Art Meets Science: How I use mobile technology in the field for research documentation (preview).
  2. July 22, Mehrasa Alizedah and Neil Cowie, The Affordances and Challenges of Virtual Reality for Language Teaching
  3. August 26, Tom Worthington, Designing for scale: How to use mobile devices to recruit, train and equip the extra 18,500 defence personnel

The Sig members have also worked together on projects during the pandemic. This week we are looking at how to do a systematic meta-analysis of mobile learning and the pandemic. The meta-analysis process is not just a matter of reading a few papers, it requires a carefully designed search, then analysis. Get it wrong and you end up with no papers, or tens of thousands of irrelevant ones. This is something I am not familiar with, and having to learn quickly from others.

* Reference 

Cochrane, Thomas; Narayan, Vickel; Cowie, Neil; Birt, James; Alizadeh, Mehrasa; Ransom, Lisa; et al. (2022): Introductory Webinar to the ASCILITE Mobile Learning SIG 2022. University of Melbourne. Media.

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