Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Clear Future for Cloud

Greetings from the AWS Summit Canberra, where Pia Andrews is running the lunch discussion. Issues are around the Australian Public Service and technology. Interestingly the new government has not been mentioned. It is a very mixed audience for a Canberra event. On one side I have someone reforming the APS and on the other advising regional business in technology.

Covid-19 Has barely got a mention. Also cloud computing has not been mentioned, perhaps because it's assumed behind any government initiative.

However, while government can call on plenty of hardware can we get people to make it work? Also we may be able to secure systems from cyber-attack, but are staff ready for years of grey-zone conflict, between peace and war, where every agency is on the front line.

ps: Dr. Guido Governatori, will be speaking on "Digital Legislation", Thursday, 01 September 2022, 11am, ANU Building 145, room 1.33 and zoom.

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