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Supporting International IT Students

A panel on "Curricular and Delivery of Engineering and IT Degrees in the changing Internationalization Landscape of Higher Education" is planned for the 9th International Conference on Computer Science & Education (ICCSE 2014), at UBC, in Vancouver, August 23 2014, 4:35 to 6:05 p.m.
Internationalization is widely accepted as the process of integrating international, intercultural or global employability dimensions into research, curricular and delivery of higher education. Internationalization is measured in several ways, including 1) What percentage of students have undertaken International study abroad/Internship opportunity? 2) What are the international networks the University interacts with? 3) Do staff publish and apply for collaborative grants with overseas researchers? 4) What are percentages of staff and students born overseas or gained overseas qualification? 5) Are some subjects/courses delivered in collaboration with overseas institutions? The panel members will draw on their experience from China, UK, Canada, Australia, India and Sri Lanka on both postgraduate and undergraduate education and comment on the following two questions: 1) What are innovations and unique features in curricula development and delivery that support Internationalization? 2) How can we negotiate between national/local requirements and needs and the desire for internationalization? There will to opportunities for the participants to make brief comments and ask questions.
My paper for the conference is "Chinese and Australian students learning to work together online" and I have been asked for 3 slides for a five minute presentation:

Supporting International IT Students Online

Australian Programs for International Students:

  • Colombo Plan for Cooperative Economic and Social Development in Asia and the Pacific (1951): Students to Australia
  • New Colombo Plan (from 2015): Students from Australia
  • ANU Engaging India (2014): Bilingual (English and Hindi) online course for international students.
Tom.Worthington, ANU,  Supporting International IT Students Online,  1

Local, National and International Requirements

IT programs already use national and international standards:
  1. ICT Professional Body of Knowledge (ACS BoK)
  2. International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3)
  3. Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)
Used in Australian/Canadian course ICT Sustainability 
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Propose Extending New Colombo Plan Online

  • Mixed Online Groups to learn Ethics, Teamwork, Professional Communication
  • e-Portfolios for Learning and Assessment 
  • Run by Australian and other institutions
    Paper for ICCSE 2014: Worthington, T. (2014). Chinese and Australian students learning to work together online: Proposal to Expand the New Colombo Plan to the Online Environment.

    Tom.Worthington, ANU,  Supporting International IT Students Online,  3

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