Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Technology Alignment On-line Course

The Australian Computer Society's "New Technology Alignment" (NTA) on-line postgraduate course, starts 19 June. This is offered directly by ACS as part of its certificate (register now) and through Open Universities Australia. The course is being run much as designed by Professor Doug Grant, with some minor updates I have made as the instructor for this year.

Course content

New Technology Alignment has an emphasis on
opening your mind to new technical trends, and how they align with business today.

It includes four modules, which explore:
  1. Frameworks for measuring the impacts of technology on business performance
  2. Fostering innovation and encouraging adoption
  3. Technology assessment and integration
  4. Promotion and realising benefits.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies.
  • Ability to identify new and emerging information technology trends and assess their relevance and potential value to the organisation.
  • Ability to strategise for and promote emerging technology awareness among staff and management.

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