Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Telstra on Personalised mEducation

Greetings from mLearn 2016 where Susi Steigler-Peters, from Telstra Corporation talked on "Personalised Learning, mEducation and Partnerships". Susi spent most of the time describing research on education Telstra has funded over the last few years. This research sounds well designed, but does not tell us, as educators, anything new. So I asked Susi how Telstra could help improve education. In response she cited something called "Telstra Smart Learning" and presented a use case of a student named "Ferris" having an "enriched learning experience". Susi also mentioned a center to be established in Sydney for education.

Unfortunately I could not find any of the materials, or initiatives mentioned on the Telstra website. It appears that Telstra does not currently have products or services to offer specifically for education. It will be worthwhile to hear what Telstra has to offer in about five years time, which is how long it takes to design, develop, test and pilot an edutech product. In the interim, it might be useful for Telstra to showcase some of the work in their muru-D startup accelerator.

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