Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Online Tutorials for Higher Education

Greetings from mLearn 2016 where Norman Wildberger and Joshua Capel presented an excellent live demonstration of "Higher Education Practice Online Tutorials and GeoGebra as Mobile Learning Tools" used for teaching mathematics at UNSW. However,what seemed to be missing was a business model to support the high up-front investment to produce such materials. The Open University (OUUK) pioneered the use of video and preprepared materials decades ago. What OUUK also did was work out the costing of preparation of such materials and tradeoffs between production values of video and teaching effectiveness. Many educators appear to be reluctant to address cost and consider this is not their role. However, if these forms of education are not cost effective, then they will be no more than one off experiments. Before carrying out research in this area, I suggest reading the excellent series of books produce by OUUK, some decades ago on how to produce education. This work is as applicable today to the MOOC.

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