Sunday, September 26, 2021

An Introduction to Ludic Pedagogy, Webinar, October 20

Sharon Lauricella
Sharon Lauricella and Keith Edmunds will present "An Introduction to Ludic Pedagogy", online October 20, 5 pm Edmonton time. I had not heard of Ludic Pedagogy before, but apparently it is about students having fun while still learning in a rigorous way. This is part of Manisha Khetarpal's excellent Microlearning Series at Maskwacis Cultural College in Canada (I gave some talks in the series).

The idea of fun in education is something I have difficulty with. For me studying and teaching is highly stressful. As a result I find attempts at fun or play even more stressful. However, I have been a participant is ome successful, tightly run exercises, such as  Dr Stephen Danns' sessions of  Lego Serious Play for ANU staff and students.

Last week I took part in Johnnie Moore and Matt Moore's You Say You Want A Revolution: An Absurdist Encounter Group. But it was more perplexing than enlightening.

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