Thursday, November 4, 2021

Keeping the best bits of online learning after COVID-19, at EdTechPosium, Canberra, 10 December 2021.

The fourth in my Keep Calm and Carry Online Series, "Planning for the Online Learning Future: Keeping the best bits of online learning after COVID-19", is planned for 10 December 2021, at EdTechPosium, in Canberra. 
Poster generated using Keep Calms.

Recently I was interviewed by John Ross, for Times Higher Education, on the future of the lecture. As I see it, teachers who can have their students feel a personal connection, online and face to face, will make for a quality educational experience. You can continue to call these "lectures", if you want, but they need to be more interactive, and available online, with the classroom an optional extra. I gave up conventional lectures in 2008, and moved my teaching online. 

By 2019 I had a format suitable for students working in groups in a classroom, and online, just in time for COVID-19. 

This series is exploring how individual teachers and universities can better deliver learning through the use of technology on campus and online. These are aimed at the Australian university sector but may be of interest to other educators. Keep Calm and Carry Online" a sign on the wall behind me, during webinars from my lounge room for the last eighteen months. So that as the working title for this series of talks. Contributions, corrections and offers of where to present would be welcome.

  1. Some tips and tricks for e-learning, 7 September 2021 (also video 1),
  2. Creating an X-factor Experience for Students, ANU Computing Seminar, 20 October 2021 (also video 2),
  3. Keeping the best bits of online learning after COVID-19, in the Maskwacis Cultural College Microlearning Series from Canada, 3 November 2021.

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