Sunday, November 28, 2021

Self Inflating Blue Screen for $60

Self Inflating Blue Screen
as Background
Self Inflating Blue Screen
with background in Zoom
Still on my quest for a low cost, lightweight, movable background screen for video conferences, I am now trying one which is self inflating. Preparing for a camping trip, I got out the sleeping mats and was going to show to someone on Zoom. I then realized that the mat is rigid enough to stand up by itself and is similar in color to a chroma-key blue screen. 

Single Self Inflating Mattress
I have two mats with clips along the sides to make a double. So I joined them, and stood them up behind me, set Zoom to use blue, rather than green, screen and it worked. The dimpled pattern on the mats, and the join between them, are hidden by Zoom's algorithm, and the blue background is replaced with whatever image I choose.

These are two Single Self Inflating Mattresses ($19 each) from a local store. They are 650 x 1900 mm each, and three would be needed for a practical screen (1,950 mm wide), which would stand up by itself.

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