Thursday, April 21, 2022

Psychologists, Communicators, and Artists Setting Out to Save the World

Greetings from a meeting of the Institute for Climate, Energy,& Disaster Solutions  (ICEDS) Psychology, Communication, and the Arts Cluster, at the Australian National University. Most of us are in a high tech classroom at the university and a few online. We are setting out to save the world. The problem is global warming, the solution this group is looking at how to do this not by inventing solar panels, but by changing behavior. One of the options to be explored is how to bridge research and students, to the decision makers.

One comment made was about envisioning positive futures. A long time ago (1993) I wrote "Canberra 2020: World Information Capital". There is a similar exercise being run at present by the Canberra Information Network (CBRIN) as the "Adaptive City Innovation Challenge". My contribution is "Canberra World Center", combining a multi campus education facility with a new solar powered conference center. 

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