Sunday, November 17, 2013

Social Issues and Professional Practice in University Degree Programs

Previously I looked at the"Social Issues and Professional Practice (SP)" required by the Draft ACM/IEEE-CS Computer Science Curricula 2013. This works out to the equivalent of one course out of a 24 course degree program (but it could be covered in multiple courses). The ANU's two year Master of Engineering requires two courses in Professional communication (ENGN8150 and ENGN8160), with these normally being taken consecutively in the first two semesters. However, students may apply to be exempt from these courses. The ANU Research School of Management has Communication for Business (MGMT2100) as a compulsory course for the Bachelor of Business Administration. The Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
 has the option of a Professional Practice Core (PPC) which is 15 units (2.5 conventional courses). This has the students working on-line in a simulated law first with three others.

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