Wednesday, March 5, 2014

International Cybersecurity Research Collaboration

Greetings from the National Security College at the Australian National University in Canberra, where Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for Communications, is speaking at the launch of "Strategy and Statecraft in Cyberspace" research. This research will use techniques of complex systems and natural ecology. The researchers are asking for input from the community and will reach out via blogs and other on-line forms.

Minister  Turnbull started by saying the Internet is the single most powerful driver of innovation in human history (I would nominate the invention of language and writing as greater influences). He included ASD one agency which has a role in cyber security policy. Also he made a reference to "Mr. Snowdens's burglary". Minister  Turnbull pointed out that governments had to protest publicly about being spied on by NSA, because the details were made public.

Minister Turnbull then turned to the digital economy. He emphasised that the Internet was built and is run by the private sector, not governments. I don't agree that this is so significant: most human activities are run by private individuals, non-profit and for-profit organisations (not government). I helped set up the structure used to run the Internet and it was not so different to the structures I help run for other civic activities. However, I agree with his assertion that maintaining a cyberspace not dominated by government is a goal.

 Minister Turnbull asserted that the Internet is run by US based bodies, but not run by the US government. He characterises the way the Internet is governed as ad-hoc, but this is not the case. The Internet was set up with a governance structure carefully designed to prevent government control: this is no accident.

I will post a link, when the text of the speech is available.

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