Monday, March 10, 2014

Pedagogy Cast in Concrete

Andrew Mackenzie, describes the new Soheil Abedian School of Architecture building at Bond University as "a form of built pedagogy and could only have been designed by a team that has collectively clocked up over a century of architectural teaching" (The Architectural Review, 28 January 2014). But should pedagogy be cast in stone (or in this case concrete)?  Mackenzie marvels at the building costing only $16.2M. However, while much of the building appears to be open plan, it would be difficult to re-purpose its fixed concrete walls, when needs change.

It would be interesting to see what the cost would be for a simple rectangular steel warehouse-style building. This could then have an internal structure rearranged to suit needs, or even have the building structure rearranged or removed. Such a structure need not be boring, as shown by Thierry Lacoste, Lacoste + Stevenson's design for a Sydney warehouse.

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