Thursday, September 25, 2014

ICT for Development Symposium

Greetings from the the University of NSW Canberra, where I am attending the ICT for Development Symposium. This is being held in the Australian Defence Force Academy's expanded teaching building. Rice Daubney Architects have playfully decorated the glass curtain wall of the building with the ADF Disruptive Pattern Camouflage. Inside the building has multi-purpose teaching rooms, equipped with projectors and whiteboard walls. One problem I have noticed in what is otherwise a workable building is that the air-conditioning is very loud.

The symposium is on the topic of "ICT for Development Symposium" but so far none of the speakers has addressed this topic. The morning has been devoted to the issues of forms of research and the relationship between research and industry. Curiously ISO/IEC 38500 Corporate governance of information technology Standard, which was also mentioned during the Australian Government Chief Technology Officer's talk, at the ACS Canberra Conference, yesterday.

ps: The morning session ended on a slightly surreal note, with an officer cadent from ADFA, in camouflage uniform, playing a classical tune on a cello.

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