Monday, February 16, 2015

NZ Moodle video

As part of a course on instructional design, I had to review a video from HRDNZ on "Moodle Quiz Questions". I loved the New Zealand accent, but the automated Close Captions system had difficulty understanding what they were saying. For example "False" comes out as "Fells". ;-)

More seriously the video and sound were very clear and well structured. But it all whizzed past a bit quickly for me to keep up with. The background music is so loud that it may create difficulties for those with a hearing impairment. Also it was a little lacking in context, in that I was not sure what sort of students this was for, if it was part of a course and if there is a workbook somewhere. That might be on the title screen but it whizzed past so quickly I could not read it.

Obviously as this is a video it will not be suitable for those who can't see (or do not have enough bandwidth to get the video).

One problem I have with such instructional videos is that they tell you how to do something (in this case create a quiz) but not why. In Australian universities, the use of multiple choice tests is treated with suspicion, being seen as something which can only test very basic skills and which the students can easy cheat at.  Before this how video, there would need to be one on why it is a good idea.

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