Friday, February 13, 2015

Innovation MOOCs

Mooc List has a list of free online courses on innovation, with a rating for each. Here are the nine listed for 2015:
  1. Innovation and Enterprise (FutureLearn), starts: Apr 6th 2015, from FutureLearn in English: "Managing the innovation process is neither a scientific process nor a black art. We will explore a model for innovation." Business & Management, Health & Society, Innovation, Enterprise
  2. 3.086x: Innovation and Commercialization (edX), starts: Jan 13th 2015, from edX in English: "Covers from human process of innovating to innovation ecosystems. Business & Management, Chemistry, Economics & Finance, Engineering Innovation, Commercialization
  3. Idea Generation Methods (iversity), starts: Jan 21st 2015, from iversity in English: "In the course certain methods for idea generation will be explained. This will help participants develop and drive their own ideas." Economics & Finance, Idea Generation, Innovation, Sustainable Energy
  4. Innovation for Powerful Outcomes (Open2Study), starts: Feb 9th 2015, from Open2Study in English: "Acquire the ability to help make innovation happen, using a rich mix of practical approaches & robust concepts. Business & Management, Creativity, Innovation
  5. Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The 1st Step in Entrepreneurship (Coursera), starts: Feb 2nd 2015, from Coursera in English, Portuguese, Spanish: "Explore how to identify and develop great ideas into great companies. Learn how to identify opportunities based on real customer needs. Develop solid business models. Create successful companies. Business & Management, Entrepreneurship, Companies, Creativity, Innovation, Business
  6. Thinking Outside The Box: Creative Entrepreneurship (, starts: Jan 12th 2015, from Canvas Network in English: "This course can empower you to develop your creative potential to improve, enhance and transform your professional career and your community through entrepreneurship. Business & Management, Personal & Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Creative Thinking, Learning, Planning Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills, Innovation, Entrepreneur
  7. Desarrollo rápido de productos innovadores para mercados emergentes (Coursera), starts: Jan 5th 2015, from Coursera in Spanish: "Entender las metodologías para la innovación de productos para mercados emergentes. Las metodologías son: 1) megatendencias sociales, tecnológicas y del comportamiento del consumidor 2) JTBD y 3) Matriz Morfológica. Business & Management, Economics & Finance, Innovation, Market, Business, Management
  8. 15.S23x: U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self (edX), starts: Jan 7th 2015, from edX in English: "Learn how to create profound innovation in a time of disruptive change by leading from the emerging future. Business & Management. Economics & Finance, Social Sciences, Business, Business Innovation, nnovation, Skills, Relationships
  9. Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals (FutureLearn), starts: Jan 12th 2015, from FutureLearn in English: "Are you a professional interested in sustainable development? This course looks at integrating a sustainable development strategy. Business & Management, Engineering, Sustainability, Business, Innovation, Management

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