Monday, December 28, 2015

Education in Refugee Camps

A special form of international education is for those in refugee camps. Donald and Stankiewicz (2015) discuss work in Kenya, Malawi,the Thai-Burma border and Jordan. This is not just about e-learning, the authors suggest the use of "learning hubs" and ‘Innovation spaces’ in camps.

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) offer a Liberal Arts Diploma, for students in ACU boarding houses at nine Burmese camps for Karen refugees along the Thai-Burmese border. The courses are delivered using supplied computers.

Regis University (USA) provide a Liberal Arts Diploma at at ‘Arupe Centers’ camp computer centers using Desire2Learn.

Canadian and Kenyan Universities provide an Education Associates Degree, articulated to a Bachelors Degree in Education or Business at Garissa
Country, a satellite campus of Kenyatta University, near the refugee camp.


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