Saturday, March 12, 2016

Incubator Support from Australian Government

The Australian Government has released a Incubator Support Discussion Paper (March 2016). A business incubator is an  organization which provides assistance to new businesses ("start-ups"). The Australian Government plans to fund three types of activities: new and existing Incubators and Experts-in-Residence.

The paper gives examples of Experts-in-Residence being a software engineer providing technical expertise to start-ups or an incubator expert traveling around to give advice.

The Government has asked for responses on:
  1. What lessons can be learned from existing business support programmes that should be incorporated into the design and implementation of the incubator Support Initiative?
  2. How can this initiative best complement similar state and/or territory based activities?
  3. What types of activities could be supported under the three components and are the suggested caps appropriate?
Comments on the scheme close in "early April 2016".

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