Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Innovation Districts in Barcelona and Canberra

Dr. Josep M. Piqué, Managing Director of 22@Barcelona, is speaking on "Innovation districts" at University of Canberra (UoC),  6pm, 27 July 2016. 22@Barcelona, also known as Districte de la innovació (the innovation district) is an urban renewal project for the Poblenou area of Barcelona.

Canberra Start-up Business Boomerang An innovation district I have called the "Canberra Start-up Business Boomerang" (due to its dog-leg shape) is developing in Canberra, on the western edge of the city center, adjacent to the Australian National University. This area has underused government offices and commercial property, ideal for reuse by start-ups. At its center is the Canberra Innovation Network, a block from the Australian Government Digital Transformation Office and a few streets from CSIRO's Data 61. It is located near bars and clubs in and the main Canberra transport hub. This area has similarities to the Cambridge Triangle, the "triangle of activity between the river, Bridge Street and Jesus Lane" identified by Matthew Bullock at Barclays Bank in Cambridge (Kirk, Cotton & Gates, 2012, p. 44).


 Kirk, Kate & Cotton, Charles & Gates, Bill, 1955- (2012). The Cambridge Phenomenon : 50 years of innovation and enterprise. Third Millenium, London

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