Monday, July 18, 2016

Online Paper Submission Systems

Submitting papers through on-line systems can be intensely frustrating. After working your way through the conference requirements, you are then handed over to some third party system and have to create (or remember) your user0-id and password, then find the conference (I tend to end up at last year's conference). Then you have to enter your details, the paper's details and upload the PDF. At this point the system gets pedantic about punctuation in keywords and the like.

One system which works better than most is Easy Chair. A feature I particularly like is that when I upload a paper, the system looks for keyphrases itself, in addition to those I entered. As an example, I have finally gotten around to writing the formal paper proposing an "Online Colombo Plan", which I discussed at Unconference Canberra in April. This proposes training Australian and Indian teachers jointly on-line in digital technology and entrepreneurship. Here are the keyphrases Easy Chair came up with:
colombo plan (226), higher education (150), international education (120), australian curriculum (80), australian government (80), international student (80), australian university (70), vocational education (70), student experience survey (63), digital colombo plan (63), virtual colombo plan (63), digital technology (60), sub degree (55), developing nation (50), distance education (50), draft national strategy (47), sub degree program (47), sustainable development goal (47), australian international education (47), australian government strategy (47), australian india education council (40), regional student (40), education exporter (40), massive open online course (40), australian strategy (40), professional development (40), open university (40), world bank (40)

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