Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Speak at ACS Canberra e-Learning Sig in 2017?

This is to invite speakers for the Australian Computer Society Canberra Branch Electronic Learning Special Interest Group (ACS e-Learning SIG) in 2017. Meetings are held 5pm to 7pm on Wednesdays each quarter at the ACS Canberra Branch office in Deakin. Meetings are scheduled for 2017: 22 February, 24 May, 19 July and 11 October.

Last years topics were:
  1. Teaching ICT in Schools, Joel Cowey, CSIRO, February 2016
  2. Training Police On-line, Helen M Lynch, May 2916
  3. Enabling the digital classroom, Michael de Raadt, Canberra Grammar School, August 2016
  4. Learning to Teach On-line, Tom Worthington, Australian National University, November 2016.
The format for the ACS e-Learning SIG is that the guest speaks for five to ten minutes then there are questions and discussion. Lecture style presentations are discouraged.

Please contact one of the co-chairs: Tom Worthington or Chris Johnson.

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