Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Added My Blog to ORCID List of Publications

Recently I found that I could link my ORCID Id to my ACI Scholarly Blog Index Id so all my blog entries are listed.

ORCID is a system for providing researchers with a unique identifier so their publications can be easily tracked (my ORCID ID is orcid.org/0000-0003-4799-8464). ACI provide a , which includes my Higher Education Whisperer Blog.

However, after linking nothing happened: the blog did not appear in ORCID. I logged a fault report with ACI and expected a reply some time after the holidays. To my surprise there was a prompt reply saying they were looking into it with ORCID. This morning my ORCID in-box had about a thousand messages, each saying "Your ORCID Record was amended". When I looked at my list of publications, each post in the blog had been added as a publication.

However, none of the posts were visible publicly (what is the point in having a list of publications no one can see?). So I did a bulk edit to select all the entries and make them publicly visible. Then I changed the privacy setting, to make all new publication entries public by default.

One problem with adding a blog to my list of publications is the large number of entries. This obscures the small number of conventional papers I have listed. Someone looking at the list may think all I do is blog. ;-)

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