Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Teaching Crowds: Learning & Social Media

In "Teaching Crowds: Learning & Social Media" Jon Dron and Terry Anderson (Athabasca University Press, 2014) emphasize the value of learning together. In the final chapter they argue that modern open and distance universities "should not have to ...  replicate structures designed to fit scholastic life in medieval Europe". They look to a future with variable length courses, competence based assessment, badges, new forms of on-line publication, flatter institutional hierarchies, cross disciplinary studies, teaching collectives, personalized learning, cMOOCs, e-portfolios, and other innovations. However, we need to get to this future from the present and I suggest not making the changes too radical, or too fast.

Dron and Anderson's book is available for purchase a Kindle or paperback. It is also available free on-line as one  PDF download and as separate chapters in PDF and HTML (useful for including as a reading for a course):

  1. On the Nature and Value of Social Software for Learning 
  2. Social Learning Theories
  3. A Typology of Social Forms for Learning 
  4. Learning in Groups 
  5. Learning in Networks 
  6. Learning in Sets 
  7. Learning with Collectives 
  8. Stories From the Field 
  9. Issues and Challenges in Educational Uses of Social Software 
  10. The Shape of Things and of Things to Come

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