Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mastering the Cyber Security Skills Crisis in Canberra This Thursday

Adam P. Henry, UNSW
The report "Mastering the Cyber Security Skills Crisis: Realigning Educational Outcomes to Industry Requirements", by Adam P. Henry, has been released by the Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCCS). There will be a seminar about the report, 11:00am, 24 August 2017, at UNSW Canberra.

This 28 page report argues that Master of Cyber Security programs in Australia do not meet the requirements of industry. However, this is based on comparing what is in the Australian degrees with U.S. Government requirements. Australia's needs may not be the same as the USA and the UK's approach (coming from GCHQ) may be more appropriate. Also what is suitable for government and military requirements may not be what commercial industry need.

The report is on firmer ground suggesting "... mission-specific and purpose-driven courses may better prepare students and address the skills crisis than generalist degrees." (p. 3). However, I suggest that purpose-driven courses can be incorporated into degree programs, using tools such as e-portfolios. The degree can provide a general framework, into which specific industry certifications can be inserted, as required.

ps: I prepared a Cyberwar Hypothetical for Teaching ICT Ethics at ANU.

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