Monday, September 3, 2018

Training Tech Professionals to Teach: Part 10

In Part 9 I looked at what quantum is reasonable to teach those who teach. The NZ government recently recognized Micro-credentials of 1 to 8 weeks study. A conventional Australian university 12 week semester consists of four courses, with 3 weeks full time study per course. So one option would be to have three micro-credentials which taken consecutively would count as one university course.

In Part 2 I looked at the Australian Computer Society's "specialisms" for computer professionals involved in education. These were derived Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA):

SFIA Category Skills and ACS Membership Level
Subcategory Skill Code Levels

Skill management Learning and development management ETMG --34567

LEDA --3456-

Learning design and development TMCR ---456-

Learning delivery ETDL --3456-

Teaching and subject formation TEAC ----56-
The three key terms in these, I suggest are:
  1. Delivery
  2. Assessment
  3. Design
For the beginner, I suggest it would be best to take them in that order, first the deliver, then assessment and only then consider the overall design. This would reflect the concerns of the student and make it less abstract. Teacher training courses I have undertaken place a heavy emphasis on theory, which is off-putting for the student.

I will discuss this in "Computer Professionals Providing Mobile Learning for the Digital Economy" at the Computer Society of Sri Lanka's National IT Conference (NITC 2018),  9 am 3 October.

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