Friday, October 19, 2018

ANU Course on Key Concepts for University Teaching

The Australian National University is offering a free online short course "Seven Key Concepts for University Teaching and Learning",  14 to 20 November 2018. This is part of the ANU Coffee Course series, where the student spends only about as much time it takes to have a coffee break studying each day. You read a brief summary, watch a video, answer some questions and discuss in an online forum. ANU staff can obtain formal professional development recognition, but teaching staff at any institution are welcome to take part. This will be the sixteenth coffee course I have been a student in.
"Have you ever wondered about concepts like 'constructivist learning' and what this approach means in practice?  How relevant are these ideas to everyday teaching at university? This fully online, self-paced coffee course will provide an opportunity to unpack this and related concepts in five quick snapshots over your daily coffee breaks!
Course outline:
  • Day 1 – Why learning theory?  How will this help my daily work as a university teacher?
  • Day 2 – Surface versus Deep Learning.  How deep do your students dive?
  • Day 3 – Taxonomies of learning and knowledge – are they useful?
  • Day 4 – Adult learning theory.  Do adults learn differently?
  • Day 5 – Constructivism and some other ‘isms.’  What do they  mean? "

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