Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Light In The Public Realm

Greetings from the National Gallery of Australia, where James Carpenter is speaking on "Light In The Public Realm" as part of DESIGN Canberra. He has been visiting the ANU School of Art and Design. Carpenter began by acknowledging the US designers of Canberra. He works with light, through glass, and occasionally water mist. This included glass bridges, and large periscopes. This involves complex calculations, computer modelling, and testing of prototypes, to work out where the light will be at different times of day. His Reflector Sky-Net reminded me of the new London Kings Cross Concourse. The difference is the net is reflective, rather than transmissive. This is useful in a crowded city where there is limited light and a limited view of the sky. This talk was a wonderful mix of art and technology.

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