Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Reflections on Peer Review of Teaching for Promotion

Greetings from Canberra, where Professor Geoff Crisp, UC DVC&VP-A,  is speaking on Reflections on Peer Review of Teaching for Promotion. This has been organized by Pamela Roberts, the ACT HERDSA Chair.

Professor Crisp discussed the different forms of peer review (summative and formative) and their different uses (for promotion/awards, or for improving teaching quality).They then described the UNSW Summative Peer Review of Teaching. The UNSW website is very useful, having a description of the process and a set of downloadable templates.

The webinar is via Blackboard Collaborate, due to the the  COVID-19 Coronavirus. I could not get it to work with Firefox, but it is working with Chrome. However, the audio quality is much poorer than with Zoom, when using the same connection speed (and this is with my not transmitting any video or audio, just receiving). With Blackboard the audio would break up, stop and then proceed at higher than normal speed. A positive point was that the text chat form worked much better than Zoom. 

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