Thursday, April 2, 2020

Better e-Learning Tools for Combating COVID-19 via Zoom

Just gave my first presentation via Zoom video conference this afternoon. This was on "Better e-Learning Tools for Combating COVID-19" to early career academics at the Australian National University (ANU). These webinars are being held every two weeks, to help deal with isolation.

Zoom worked much like the other video conference tools I have used to present. The audio worked well, as did the video, but screen sharing had some glitches (very much like other conference tools).

While Zoom offers to share a window on my screen, I could not get this to work with the Linux operating system and Firefox web browser. As soon as I started sharing a window, it went black on my screen and for everyone else. Sharing my whole screen worked, but then I could not see the chat window or video from other people. This was a little like presenting to a dark room full of people (which I have done in Indonesia, during a blackout). The window sharing may be better supported on other operating systems and browsers.

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