Friday, April 17, 2020

What to wear on a video conference

I am spending a lot of time on videoconferencing. Following the example of the ANU VC, I have been wearing my university hoodie. However the logo on the hoodie is a bit too low down to appear in shot on the video camera. I could wear my bucket hat, but it is not comfortable with headphones. So I suggest a turtleneck shirt, and baseball cap.

NYPD turtleneck initials
A turtleneck shirt with initials on the neck, like the NYPD, where it can be seen easily.

Machinist’s Mate 2nd Julia Schoonover,
USS Blue Ridge
(U.S. Navy photo by
Mass Communication Specialist
3rd Class Don Patton/ Released)
The USN wear baseball caps on board ship, as these can be worn with headphones (I got one when onboard USS Blue Ridge).

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